Residential Driveway Paving

A new, well-paved asphalt or concrete driveway has the potential to completely transform your home. For one, new pavement boosts your curb appeal so that your home appears cleaner, tidier, and as a result, more welcoming to guests.

What’s more, new paving increases the overall value of your home and improves your chances of getting the offer you want whenever it comes time to sell your property. Last but certainly not least, new, blemish-free pavement keeps all of your family members, guests, and pets safe!

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or you need to resurface your current driveway, choose Empire Paving—one of the most trusted driveway paving contractors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have over 45 years of experience across a wide range of residential driveway paving projects, ranging from private homes and farm properties to subdivisions and more.

At Empire Paving, we handle all of the elements needed to complete a brand-new residential paving project from scratch—including cleaning, excavating, paving, compacting, smoothing and more With our large crew and a full fleet of in-house equipment, we have all of the manpower, resources, and products needed to construct the perfect driveway that compliments your property.

We guarantee not only a beautiful asphalt or concrete surface for your home but also first-class customer service. Our team of friendly experts is ready to tend to all of your residential paving needs, work with your schedule, and provide a premium service for a fair and competitive price.

Do you need a top-notch paving company for a new single driveway or multiple subdivision driveways? Contact the experts at Empire Paving today. We would be glad to talk with you about your project and provide a free quote!

Find out why we are regularly rated as Toronto’s top pavers. Call us for a quote at 416-644-1444

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