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    Established in 1976, Empire Paving is one of Toronto’s most well-known companies providing asphalt and concrete surfaces.

    We have worked within the GTA for nearly four decades, creating surfaces for high-profile organizations including Walmart, Ikea, Home Depot, Sobey’s the Toronto Transit Commission and many others.

    Concrete & Asphalt Paving Contractor

    Regardless of whether you need to pave a parking lot, sidewalk, gas station, housing complex, or any other type of outdoor space, Empire Paving can address your concrete & asphalt paving needs while working within your budget and time constraints.

    Having a high-quality asphalt or concrete surface is especially important in the Toronto area. This is because harsh Canadian winters can really be a challenge to roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other surfaces.

    This means that if you do not use a high-quality paving company, or if you let your surface go too long without being updated or repaved, then you could end up with a very poor quality surface.



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    Here at Empire Paving, we are seasoned asphalt paving contractors experts who use the best tools and materials to get the job done right. When we work on your project, you can rest assured, knowing that we will make your road, parking lot, sidewalk, or other surface incredibly strong, and also beautiful.

    Parking Lot & Road Paving in Toronto

    Having a high quality asphalt surface and using a great pavement contractor can give you a paved surface that your customers and/or neighbors will love driving or walking on, and will feel very safe doing so. Nobody likes to drive on a road or parking lot that is cracked and filled with potholes. But everybody likes to drive on smooth, clean, and beautiful surfaces. That is what we will provide for you.

    Parking lot & Pavement Repairs

    In addition to parking lot pavement, and other paving jobs, we also do parking lot repairs, and other types of concrete or asphalt repairs. So, if you are looking for paving contractors in the Toronto area, look no further. Empire paving is the perfect contractor for you.

    Call Us Today at 416-644-1444 to Discuss Your Next Project.We look forward to speaking with you and to helping meet all of your concrete and asphalt paving needs.

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