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Worn or damaged asphalt can immediately reduce the value of your property. In some cases, it can even create a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians, and you need help from a trusted asphalt paving company to keep your it in great condition. At Empire Paving, we have specialized in asphalt repairs and maintenance for nearly four decades. Our team has worked with thousands of different surfaces, and we understand how asphalt degrades over time — and how that degradation affects functionality. From cracks, divots, and minor cosmetic issues to sub-base damage and major repairs, we can perform any essential maintenance task while avoiding unnecessary downtime.

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Many asphalt issues occur due to improper installation, and because we also offer full paving services, we can provide the guidance you need to stay in control of long-term expenses. By accounting for traffic volume, weather-related degradation, and other factors, our engineers provide trustworthy guidance and stellar results.

When we complete the repairs to your surface, your parking lot, road, or driveway, it will look as good as new, and it will be highly functional and smooth. This means that people who drive on your surface will not have to go through the discomfort of going over potholes, large cracks, or bumps, all of which can potentially cause problems.

Asphalt surfaces in Canada can build up damage over time due to the harsh weather. So, it is important to correct any significant damage to your surface to make sure that it does not get worse. A good asphalt repair job can save you a lot of money by preventing you from having to repave the entire surface. Here at Empire Paving, we are one of the best asphalt paving companies in the Toronto area and we will do an excellent job repairing and maintaining your surface.

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Some Awesome Feedback

John Mutton
“Incredible customer service and infrastructure is on time and on budget.”

Some Awesome Feedback

Nicolas Tyers
“Great to work with and they did a good job of resurfacing 40,000 sqft of shopping centre parking lot while maintaining the businesses open.”

Some Awesome Feedback

mario pecile
“Empire Paving worked diligently to complete the project properly and quickly. Priority was always to ensure the final product was the very best with no compromise on quality.”

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Jamie Boaden
“Empire and their team is always reliable and ensure the quality of their work is to the highest standards. No matter what issues have arose during our projects together, they were always responsive and willing to work with us to resolution.”

Some Awesome Feedback

Sam A.
“ The Empire Paving team did an excellent job at our facility this summer. The team was very professional, and their equipment fleet was very impressive. They repaved our entire driveway and parking lot over two phases. They were able to work around our production schedule, and ensured that we had no operational disruptions. This project has really refreshed the look of our facility. I would highly recommend Empire Paving for any paving related projects.”

Some Awesome Feedback

“ Absolutely 💯 recommended. The crew was on time, well organized, knowledgeable and experienced. They were prepared, very polite friendly and professional. No disruption to neighbors, job was well done, they cleaned up sidewalk and even the roadway. I was totally impressed. Well done Luciano and crew, thank you very much!”

Some Awesome Feedback

Colin Templeton
“Incredible job on 2 of my driveways and concrete work. Can ‘t say enough. Between Luciano and all the great guys at Empire Paving…great job…great outfit…great service! Thanks guys!!”

Some Awesome Feedback

D. Ross Thompson
“from the initial point of contact for the contract, Vince and his team were very professional to deal with. They provided the quote and came in right on budget. His team absolutely knocked it out of the park. Professional, on time, complied with all QHSE requirements of a major oil company and the job task they performed was perfect. I have contacted the team for additional bids and will utilize them for all of out paving requirements. Highly recommend this company as you will not be disappointed.”

Some Awesome Feedback

Jon P
“ Fast, professional, friendly, and did a great job! Highly recommended.”

Some Awesome Feedback

Serbinski Partners
“ We were very pleased with the professional job done by Empire Paving this

Luciano and his team were very reliable, knowledgeable and able to handle
all issues that arose during completion of this project. We would highly
recommend Empire Paving for any paving job!

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