Commercial Paving

First-class asphalt paving and concrete work for businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond.

concreteIf you hope for your business to attract new customers, clients, and future employees, the importance of high-quality commercial asphalt paving and concrete services can’t be overstated.

While your company might offer the best products or services on the market, the reality is that the physical state of your property is often the first thing that customers notice about your business. Are you making the best possible first impression with all of your asphalt and concrete surfaces?

Whether it’s a brand-new commercial driveway, a concrete curb, or an addition to your parking lot, top-notch commercial paving has the potential to transform your business’s appearance and enhance your curb appeal significantly.

At Empire Paving, commercial asphalt paving, commercial asphalt repair, and commercial concrete work are three of our core services. For over 45 years, we have proudly delivered these services to businesses of all shapes and sizes across the GTA.

We know the impact that a well-paved and well-maintained surface has on your business. At the same time, we understand that the downtime caused by the process of paving can impact your bottom line. Every day that your property is under construction or unusable is another day that customers and employees are inconvenienced.

We pride ourselves on being able to install new pavement quickly and efficiently. This, of course, starts with vigilant planning. Our team of experts carefully coordinates with you before even stepping foot on site. We also do our best to accommodate your schedule and work around your peak hours of business.

Finally, our company employs a sizable crew and owns a full fleet of in-house equipment. This means that we are not reliant on other companies’ resources to service projects on time. As a result, we are able to eliminate unnecessary delays and keep your project on track at all times.

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Does your business need world-class commercial asphalt paving and concrete work services? Whether it’s a parking lot or a commercial driveway, be sure to contact the team at Empire Paving today. One of our friendly experts would be happy to discuss your project and provide a free estimate for the work!