Retail Paving

Beautiful blacktop and concrete surfaces for retail businesses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

parking lotIf you own a retail business in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you, your employees, and your customers depend on high-quality asphalt and concrete surfaces—to the point where you might even take them for granted.

However, poorly paved or unmaintained pavement not only decreases your curb appeal but also prevents customers from getting in and out of your business quickly. For this reason, the importance of top-notch asphalt and concrete paving services cannot be overstated.

At Empire Paving, we have spent more than 45 years delivering high-quality asphalt and concrete parking lots and commercial driveways for retail businesses.

Whether you own a standalone shop—such as a supermarket or department store—or something much larger—such as a shopping mall, plaza, or outlets— we have the paving expertise and experience needed to handle paving projects of all sizes.

Downtime can have potentially disastrous implications for a retail business. As the success of most retail companies depends almost entirely on consistent sales numbers, every day that a parking lot or driveway is under construction is a day when the business’s bottom line is severely impacted.

We understand this unique challenge and actively combat costly downtime in a handful of ways. To start, we have a large crew and a full fleet of equipment. This allows us to provide ample manpower and resources for every job we take on.

What’s more, we prioritize through careful and strategic planning upfront. Every retail paving project is a collaborative effort in which we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are working quickly and efficiently.

Finally, we do our best to work with your schedule. Whether that means putting in extra hours or working while your business is closed, we do everything in our power to ensure that your business only benefits from our asphalt and concrete paving services.

If your business needs outstanding retail paving services for a parking lot or commercial driveway, be sure to get in contact with Empire Paving today. We would love to not only discuss the details of your next paving project with you but also provide a free estimate for the work!