Industrial Paving

Trusted industrial asphalt and concrete installation and repair services for companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

asphalt repairTo the average person, industrial pavement might look like any other type of pavement. There are all kinds of differences between industrial paving and other types of paving, however—including the number of layers that are installed and the depth of the pavement’s foundation.

Loading zones, docks, and dumpster areas for warehouses, factories, and production plants are just a few common examples of industrial paving. Of course, these types of surfaces have very specific load requirements based on the weight and volume of traffic they are required to support.

When surfaces aren’t designed for these requirements, the long-term consequences are potentially disastrous. In all likelihood, that pavement is going to break down quickly and cause all types of problems for your business.

Does your company have a trusted industrial paving contractor that can not only install your pavement properly and professionally but also service it as needed?

At Empire Paving, we offer world-class industrial asphalt paving, industrial asphalt repair, and industrial concrete work to ensure that your business always operates at full strength. With more than 45 years in the paving business, we understand the unique needs of industrial paving projects.

Before every new industrial paving job, we engineer and design the surface so that it is able to support heavy loads and cause water to run off properly.

What’s more, industrial paving projects tend to be much larger than residential or even most commercial paving projects. The reality is that your local paving company might not have the expertise, experience, manpower, or resources to service a project with your size and scope.

It’s important that you entrust this type of work to a seasoned industrial paving specialist—like Empire Paving. Whether you need brand-new industrial pavement or you are dealing with a large asphalt repair that is affecting production, we will ensure that your surface stays in top condition year-round.

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