Residential Paving

Trustworthy, reliable asphalt paving and concrete work for homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Asphalt repairLike many GTA homeowners, you might put plenty of effort into cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your home’s interior. Do you put the same level of effort into maintaining your home’s exterior?

The reality is that neighbours and guests see the outside of your home before they see the inside of your home. Your driveway, pathways, and other pavement surfaces play a large role in your home’s overall appearance. Are these elements adding or subtracting from your property?

Beyond curb appeal, there is a practical component to these surfaces as well. Well-paved and properly maintained asphalt and concrete pavement will go a long way toward keeping family members, guests, and pets safe when they enter and exit your home. They also provide a level, smooth surfaces for vehicles to park.

At Empire Paving, we have been delivering top-notch residential asphalt paving and residential concrete work to GTA homeowners for more than 45 years. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-quality paving services at a price point you can afford.

Whether it’s a brand new asphalt driveway, concrete driveway, concrete pathway, or another structure, we have a highly trained and friendly team ready to provide a top-notch paving service and an outstanding final product that will make you proud of your property.

All of our pavement is equipped with a sturdy foundation and a proper drainage system so that common issues like cracking, standing water, and poor runoff are prevented.

What’s more, we stand by the quality of our workmanship and the longevity of our products. With routine maintenance—such as sweeping, sealcoating, and the occasional crack filling—your asphalt and concrete surfaces will be able to hold up for decades to come.

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Do you need high-level residential asphalt paving or residential concrete work in the Greater Toronto Area? Whether it’s a driveway or pathway, be sure to contact the team at Empire Paving today. One of our friendly experts would be happy to discuss your residential paving needs and give you a complimentary quote!