3 Advantages of Having an Asphalt Driveway on Your Farm Property

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Have you considered an asphalt driveway for your farm property?

For years, gravel driveways have been commonly used on farm properties, as they are both relatively affordable and easy to install. They do, however, come with a handful of drawbacks.

The truth is that an asphalt driveway can be a significant upgrade for your farm property, as this type of driveway offers a few distinct advantages where a gravel driveway is lacking.

Keep reading as we share three benefits you’ll enjoy by having a paving company install an asphalt driveway on your Toronto farm property!

1. Less Damage to Equipment and Vehicles

While gravel has long been the go-to paving method for farm properties and ranch driveways, it’s no secret that gravel can cause damage to equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

As small stones, pebbles, and other types of aggregate are kicked up into the air, they often leave scratches, dents, and other blemishes in their wake.

With an asphalt driveway, this issue becomes a non-factor. You’ll enjoy a smooth surface with very minimal (if any) kicking up of stones or pebbles. What’s more, the smoothness of a blacktop surface is much more forgiving to tire treads!

2. Easier Maintenance

Between growing your crops and running your farming business, let’s face it—you’ve got enough on your plate! The last thing you need is to be worrying about maintaining your gravel driveway.

While gravel driveways require someone to frequently rake and pick up stones that have been kicked onto surrounding grass, asphalt driveways don’t have these same problems. Aside from routine preventative maintenance and the occasional asphalt repair, your asphalt driveway will need very little attention from your end.

What’s more, the little maintenance that an asphalt driveway does require can be performed by a professional asphalt paving contractor—such as Empire Paving. Set up an asphalt maintenance schedule and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of a well-maintained asphalt surface year-round!

3. Fewer Headaches During the Winter

One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a gravel driveway is the difficulty of snow removal.

In our snowy province of Ontario, you can expect it to snow at least a handful of times every winter; and if you own a gravel driveway, you know that there’s no way to shovel all snow without also removing stones and aggregate in the process.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you always leave roughly one inch of snow when removing snow from your gravel driveway. This will preserve the state of your driveway, but you’ll be left with a still-snowy driveway until the snow eventually melts.

With an asphalt driveway installed, this issue is eliminated! While, yes, you will still need to shovel snow during the winter, you’ll be able to remove all snow and have full access to your blacktop surface!

Does your Toronto farm property need a brand new asphalt driveway? We’d love to help! All you need to do is get in touch with the team at Empire Paving today to receive a free quote on your next commercial asphalt paving project!

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