4 Benefits of Concrete Paving

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Concrete is the most widely used manmade material in the world, but what makes it a great option for pavement?

Concrete Paving

Whether you have doubts about using concrete for your property or you’re trying to settle the debate between concrete and asphalt paving, it’s important that you know the facts about concrete as a paving material.

Here are four unique benefits that concrete pavement provides!

1. Durability

Without a doubt, one of concrete’s greatest advantages is the durability it provides. Unlike asphalt, which is rated to last roughly 15–25 years, concrete pavement can last well over 40 years with proper use and occasional maintenance.

Why is concrete so durable, exactly? Unlike most other paving materials, concrete is extremely dense. While its lack of porousness might be seen as a disadvantage when it comes to issues such as standing water and drainage, this level of density is also the source of its immense strength and durability.

2. Limited Maintenance

Concrete typically stays in good condition without requiring constant maintenance. Compare this to asphalt, which frequently develops cracks and potholes that need to be repaired; or gravel, which requires constant cleaning, and tidying.

As you would expect, this limited maintenance allows you to save money in the long run — not only because you’ll save on repairs but also because you’ll experience less downtime.

Customers will be able to use your concrete surface with very few interruptions over the life of your pavement.

3. Low Total Cost of Ownership

Regarding the cost of different paving materials, many people assume that concrete is among the more costly options; and make no mistake — concrete installation is typically more expensive than asphalt installation.

With that said, upfront cost doesn’t tell the entire story, so it’s important to also consider the total cost of ownership when choosing a paving material.

While it’s true that concrete may require the greater upfront investment, it won’t need the same level of maintenance and repairs that asphalt and other paving materials require. For that reason, the total cost of concrete ownership works out to be very cost-effective — making concrete one of the more affordable paving options overall.

4. Environmental Benefits

It’s worth noting that concrete also presents several environmental benefits.

To start, concrete is 100% recyclable, meaning that any old concrete surface can be ripped up and reused in future mixes. Some paving companies, like Empire Paving, can achieve this at their very own manufacturing plants.

Earlier, we mentioned that concrete is incredibly durable. This also benefits the environment, as fewer resources are needed to keep it properly serviced and maintained.

Finally, because concrete possesses a lower “rolling resistance” than most other types of pavement, vehicles typically conserve fuel when driving on concrete surfaces. Of course, this means that they also produce lower greenhouse gas emissions.

At Empire Paving, we have well over four decades of concrete paving experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you need concrete for a parking lot or a commercial driveway, contact us today to receive a free estimate on your next project!

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