Can I Resurface My Parking Lot in the Winter?

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The truth is that Canada’s relentless winter season makes it nearly impossible for contractors to resurface parking lots throughout most of Canada during this period.

Although it’s not an impossible job, It’s far wiser to perform all of your asphalt maintenance and repairs in the warmer months, when the temperature is above 7°C or higher for resurfacing. There are a handful of reasons for this:

1. Better Weather to Perform the Work

First and foremost, it’s both faster and easier to resurface your parking lot while it’s warm out. Typically, temperatures above 0 degrees are preferred to perform the work, as the ground isn’t frozen.

Of course, these temperatures are easier to come by in the spring, summer, and fall months; so leave the asphalt repairs to this time of year, rather than forcing them into the winter months.

2. Less Damage to Asphalt and Equipment

When there is snow on the ground, repairs become highly difficult. Not only does winter weather make snow removal equipment more susceptible to damage but it also makes your parking lot vulnerable as well. Any existing cracks or potholes can be damaged further by snow plows, shovels, and other heavy equipment.

You can avoid excessive damage to your asphalt by having your repairs and maintenance completed earlier on in the year. This will also fortify your asphalt for when that dreaded winter season hits.

3. Increased Lifespan of Your Parking Lot

By neglecting your parking lot during the spring and summer months, you’re going to leave your parking lot vulnerable to even greater damage during the winter season. Ultimately, this is going to have a negative impact on your asphalt’s overall lifespan.

Especially if it’s still early in the year and you have the opportunity to have your asphalt repairs completed during the spring or summer, be proactive in scheduling your repairs before winter strikes. This will go a long way towards preserving your asphalt and making sure your parking lot reaches or outlives its lifespan.

4. Greater Contractor Availability

Particularly if you’re trying to book your parking lot repairs last minute, you might find it difficult to lock in a quality contractor during the winter months.

Instead of rushing to have your parking lot repaired now, lock in your preferred top contractor for the spring, when some of the best contractors are more likely to be available.

5. Increased Access to Materials

Throughout Canada, most asphalt plants operate at a lower capacity during the winter, as asphalt materials are not in very high demand during the colder months. This means that getting your hands on the materials needed for your asphalt repairs could prove to be a challenge. In fact, you might even need to pay a premium for them.

Wait until the warmer months, however, and you’ll have no issue getting those materials. Not to mention, they will be available at a far more reasonable price.

If your asphalt maintenance and repairs can’t wait until next summer, fear not—the team here at Empire Paving is well equipped to perform the work in all types of conditions. Contact us today and we’ll even provide you with a free quote!

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