5 Reasons to Install Asphalt Pathways and Sidewalks for Your Business

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Looking to have pathways and sidewalks installed on your commercial property?

Once you have decided that your business needs these amenities, the next thing you will need to decide on is the paving material. There are a few different material options for you to consider—including concrete, stone, and of course, asphalt.

Which one is best? Here are five top reasons to choose asphalt for all of your business’s pathways and sidewalks!

1. Make Your Property Safer for Pedestrians

One of the main reasons why businesses install pathways and sidewalks in the first place is to keep foot traffic and vehicles separated and organized. By giving pedestrians their own designated areas to walk, they won’t struggle to weave through traffic in order to reach your business.

While adding these paths will increase safety in and of itself, the materials you use will contribute to their safety as well. Simply put, asphalt will deliver more traction than concrete—reducing the risk of someone slipping, tripping, or falling.

2. Avoid Dangers Presented by Cold or Wet Weather

One of the biggest differences between asphalt and concrete is how each of these materials responds to wet or cold conditions.

Concrete, while known for its incredible hardness and strength, doesn’t always allow water to drain naturally after rainfall or snowfall. This could cause issues in places like Toronto, as we are no strangers to cold or wet weather. The last thing you want is for someone to slip and get hurt.

Because asphalt is porous, on the other hand, water can drain more easily—making your pathways and sidewalks drier, clearer, and safer for pedestrians!

3. Benefit from Quick Installation and Curing Times

If you’re looking to have your business’s new asphalt sidewalks up and running as soon as possible, you should strongly consider using asphalt in lieu of concrete.

Asphalt is not only easier to install than concrete, but the curing times are also much faster. While concrete can take up to an entire week to cure, asphalt is typically ready to use in as little as 48 hours!

4. Enjoy Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Because asphalt is relatively flexible, it is also very durable. With routine maintenance, you will find that repairs are few are far between—especially for the first few years after paving.

Any maintenance and repairs that are needed are usually easy to perform, as sealcoating, crack filling, and patching can address most minor issues. Just be sure to call up your local asphalt paving company promptly whenever issues appear. Neglect can lead to more severe pavement problems!

5. Help Protect the Environment

An often-overlooked benefit of using asphalt instead of other paving materials is the fact that it is recyclable, and therefore, environmentally friendly.

At Empire Paving, whenever we remove old asphalt materials, we reuse them in future asphalt mixes—allowing us to lower our carbon footprint and do our part to preserve the environment.

Do you need to install brand new asphalt pathways and sidewalks for your Toronto business? Contact Empire Paving today and receive a FREE quote for your next paving project!

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