9 Reasons Why Asphalt Is the Best Paving Material for a Parking Lot

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Considering asphalt for your business’s parking lot?

For thousands of years, asphalt has been one of the most popular paving materials. Given its many advantages, it’s easy to see why it’s the preferred option for businesses today.

Need a reason to choose asphalt for your business’s parking lot? We’ve got nine!

Asphalt Is Versatile

When it comes to paving, asphalt can be used in a variety of ways throughout your business. Beyond your parking lot, the material can be used for driveways, sidewalks, curbs, and other surfaces.

Asphalt Is Easy to Install

When you need your new parking lot paved yesterday, you’ll appreciate asphalt’s fast installation and speedy drying times. Within 24–48 hours, you will be able to walk on it, and within seven days, it will be ready for traffic. As you know, downtime can be costly to your business. New asphalt paving keeps downtime to a minimum!

Asphalt Is Safe

For one, asphalt paving is much smoother than gravel and spongier than concrete. This means that when someone falls, the impact is typically lower. With proper drainage, asphalt will also allow water to run off naturally so that pedestrians and vehicles aren’t at a greater risk of slipping. Finally, asphalt’s jet black colour makes it the best candidate for pavement markings—allowing you to further organize traffic and prioritize safety!

Asphalt Reduces Traffic Noise

When it comes to the noise levels produced by vehicles driving across your pavement, asphalt happens to be quieter than both gravel and concrete. In fact, you can reduce noise levels by as much as 50% simply by choosing asphalt paving over another material.

Asphalt Is Cost-Effective

Depending on the paving company, asphalt costs roughly $2–$7 per square foot—making it more affordable than concrete. New pavement will require a significant investment upfront, but with routine maintenance, you will pay a modest amount over its life.

Asphalt Is Long-Lasting

While many factors can impact the lifespan of your asphalt, it is generally a very durable paving material. With routine care, preventative maintenance, and timely repairs, an asphalt parking lot can last up to 20 years or longer!

Asphalt Is Sustainable

Truth be told, asphalt wasn’t always an environmentally friendly material. Over the years, however, it has become increasingly sustainable—to the point where 100% of asphalt can be removed, recycled, and reused in future mixes. In fact, roughly 95% of the asphalt produced today comes from old asphalt.

Asphalt Improves Your Curb Appeal

Materials like gravel have their advantages, but from a curb appeal standpoint, asphalt delivers a more desirable finish. A smooth blacktop surface will help you attract more customers and keep existing customers happy!

Asphalt Increases Your Property Value

Asphalt can also add significant value to your property. If you choose to sell your property sometime down the road, new asphalt pavement will likely impact your appraisal positively and allow you to raise your asking price.

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