Why Choose Empire Paving as Your Paving Contractor?

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Are you in need of a top-notch paving contractor for your Toronto business?

Finding the right commercial paving contractor for your project is no easy task. The truth is that it can be difficult to find a paving company that offers an optimal blend of expertise, experience, quality, and value.

For more than four decades, Empire Paving has been one of the preferred paving contractors in the greater Toronto area (GTA). Here are several reasons why our customers rate us so highly!

We have an impressive track record

Having been in business since 1976, we have more than 45 years of experience in asphalt and concrete paving. To date, we have had the privilege of providing commercial paving services for high-profile companies throughout Toronto—including Walmart, Home Depot, and Ikea, to name only a few.

What’s more, we are members of the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA), so we adhere to a strict set of quality standards, procedures, and protocols on every single project we take on.

We offer a wide range of paving services

Some commercial paving companies are only able to provide new asphalt paving or service projects that are smaller in scope. At Empire Paving, however, we are able to offer a wide range of services on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you need a modest commercial driveway for your small business or an enormous parking lot for your corporation, we bring the same level of expertise, quality, and professionalism to every job site we visit. We are proud to offer all of the following services:

We serve customers across the entire GTA

At Empire Paving, we are proud to be able to serve customers across the greater Toronto area and beyond. If your business is located in any of the following areas, we can provide top-notch commercial paving services at your location:

We have a talented team and a full fleet of equipment

The truth is that there are many paving companies that need to hire extra crew members and rent out equipment in order to perform large commercial jobs. While doing this can sometimes work out without any issues, it can just as easily result in confusion and delays.

At Empire Paving, on the other hand, we employ a highly-skilled crew that we know and trust. We also own a full fleet of paving equipment that can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Not to mention, our office staff consists of friendly and knowledgeable experts who are always ready to help organize your project and keep it on track!

If your Toronto business needs asphalt or concrete paving, Empire Paving is the company for you. Connect with us today and we’ll even give you a free quote on an upcoming project!

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