Understanding the Winter Impact on Your Asphalt Pavement

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At Empire Paving, we recognize that the winter season in Ontario can pose unique challenges to your asphalt pavement. As the snow blankets your surfaces, it’s essential to be aware of how winter weather can affect the structural integrity and longevity of your investment. Let’s explore the potential effects of snowy weather on your asphalt and how you can safeguard it.

The Freeze/Thaw Cycle

Ontario’s fluctuating temperatures during the winter create a freeze/thaw cycle that can impact your asphalt. When water infiltrates existing cracks and freezes, it expands, causing cracks to widen and asphalt to crumble. Addressing these challenges, our team at Empire Paving utilizes an advanced asphalt formulation engineered to endure freezing and thawing cycles, ensuring the durability of your pavement.

Signs of Damage

While cold weather itself may not damage your asphalt if proper preventative maintenance is in place, it can exacerbate existing issues. Minor cracks and surface damage can escalate during freeze/thaw cycles, compromising the structural integrity of your pavement. Choosing a reputable paving contractor like Empire Paving ensures that your asphalt surface is installed correctly with a focus on longevity and durability.

Importance of Sub-Base Installation

Beyond quality customer service, selecting the right paving contractor significantly influences your asphalt’s ability to withstand harsh weather. A well-installed sub-base is crucial, supporting the asphalt pavement and preventing issues like shifting, cracking, and sinking. Empire Paving, as a member of the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA), adheres to strict quality standards, ensuring the longevity and durability of every asphalt surface.

Snow and Ice Management

Salt and deicing agents are safe for use on asphalt, providing an effective solution to slippery conditions. Empire Paving recommends using salt judiciously, considering its potential environmental impact. Additionally, the dark colour of asphalt aids in snow and ice melting, but proper water runoff management is essential.

Your Winter Preparation Checklist:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Remove debris to prevent it from freezing to your asphalt during winter.
  • Address Standing Water: Repair drainage issues to avoid icy surfaces and prevent water penetration.
  • Prompt Repairs: Schedule necessary asphalt repairs before winter exacerbates existing damage.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Develop a snow removal plan, keeping essential tools and de-icing products in stock.

As winter approaches, ensure your asphalt is winter-ready. Trust Empire Paving for a personalized assessment and a tailored plan to protect your pavement. Contact us today at 416-644-1444 and fortify your asphalt against the challenges of snowy weather.

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