4 Reasons Why a Strong Foundation Is The Key to Your Asphalt Surface

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Every top-notch asphalt surface starts with a solid foundation.

Your asphalt paving contractor might have a sizable crew, use the best possible materials, and own a full fleet of state-of-the-art equipment; but without the right foundation installed, the truth is that you’re going to face all types of issues down the road.

Whether it’s a driveway, parking lot, or roadway, here are four of the biggest reasons why the foundation is the key to a healthy asphalt surface!

1. Fewer Asphalt Repairs

The truth is that some asphalt repairs and maintenance tasks are inevitable. Naturally, the oxidation process causes asphalt to slowly break down over time.

Without a sturdy foundation in place, however, this process is only accelerated. Issues such as potholes and cracks will develop at a much faster rate. What’s more, the damage is likely to be more severe—and, as you would expect, more expensive!

With a solid foundation installed, on the other hand, general maintenance and repairs will be less common and more effective—not to mention, significantly more affordable!

2. Enhanced Safety

Especially under the heavy loads of traffic and equipment, a weak foundation can lead to all kinds of issues with your pavement—from buckling and cracking to potholes and more.

Without ample support, these issues can develop quite suddenly and unexpectedly—creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike. You could be one accident away from having a potential lawsuit on your hands!

A strong foundation provides your pavement with the strength and stability needed to support heavy traffic, equipment, machinery, and more.

3. Better Drainage

Improper drainage not only causes asphalt to break down faster—forming new cracks and allowing moisture to seep down into existing cracks—but it also creates a driving hazard for vehicles during wet weather.

Without adequate drainage, rainwater has nowhere to go. As a result, you’re likely to find areas of standing water scattered across your blacktop.

By installing a solid foundation with proper drainage, on the other hand, any rainwater will simply run off your surface rather than pooling on your pavement.

4. Greater Longevity

All of the above-mentioned issues will ultimately cause your asphalt surface to deteriorate long before its expected due date. While you can expect a well-paved asphalt surface to last for upwards of 15–25 years, a poor foundation has the potential to limit its overall life to just 10–15 years or less.

Although you may be able to temporarily restore your damaged pavement with timely maintenance and repairs, there is no way to address the root issues at the foundation without removing and replacing the problematic areas of pavement.

If you want to extend the life of your pavement and maximize your investment, make sure your asphalt paving company pays close attention to the foundation during the paving process!

Want to make sure that your asphalt surface has the strong foundation it needs to endure for years to come? Get in touch with Empire Paving today for all of your Toronto asphalt paving needs. We’ll even provide you with a free estimate!

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