What Does a Good Asphalt Paving Job Look Like?

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Not all asphalt paving jobs are created equal.

Although many asphalt paving companies contractors may claim to have a team of experienced personnel and a fleet of top-notch equipment, the truth is that you can hire two asphalt paving contractors for the same job and get two entirely different results.

So, how can you tell a high-quality asphalt paving job apart from a low-quality asphalt paving job?

Here are five key characteristics of a well-paved asphalt surface. Keep them in mind when choosing an asphalt contractor and assessing their work!

1. Asphalt Mixture

Although asphalt mixes may vary slightly from contractor to contractor and from job to job, it’s critical that your pavement company uses the right mixture for your specific application. An industrial roadway requires a much different asphalt mix than that of a residential driveway.

Confirm that your paving company is using the right type of asphalt mix for your scenario, or else your pavement may not be equipped to handle the right traffic loads.

2. Adequate Thickness

In order for your asphalt to provide enough support for vehicles, equipment, and other traffic, it’s critical that your pavement’s thickness matches the expected traffic load.

Generally speaking, driveway pavement should be at least 3 inches thick, while parking lot pavement should be roughly 5 inches thick. Make sure your contractor takes your property’s traffic load into account when determining how much asphalt you will need!

3. Solid Foundation

The foundation is arguably the most important factor when it comes to the quality of your pavement.

Without a solid foundation in place, your asphalt is going to break down quickly under the weight of heavy traffic—severely limiting its lifespan and leading to all sorts of costly asphalt repairs.

Make sure that there is a solid subgrade and aggregate base to stabilize the earth and provide support for your entire surface.

4. Proper Drainage

Asphalt pavement that lacks proper drainage will lead to a number of problems. First, you’ll be left with the issue of standing water. After rainfall, water will pool in areas across your pavement rather than running off.

Of course, standing water creates a driving hazard for vehicles, but it also wears away at your asphalt and seeps into cracks—causing your asphalt to break down at an accelerated rate.

With an asphalt surface that has been designed with proper drainage, on the other hand, water will seamlessly run off your pavement after the rain!

5. Smooth Transitions

Poor transitions are one of the telltale signs of a poorly paved asphalt surface. Whenever you sign off on new asphalt, be sure to take a close look at the areas where new asphalt connects with existing asphalt, curbs, or drains.

These transitions should be smooth, to the point where vehicles can roll over them without noticeable bumps.

Are you in search of Toronto paving companies that can deliver a high-quality asphalt surface for your driveway, parking lot, or roadway? Touch base with Empire Paving today to discuss your project and receive a free quote for the work!

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