4 Reasons Why Asphalt Repairs Should Be on Your Spring Cleaning List

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Does your business have big plans this spring?

As the snow melts, the temperatures lift, and you look forward to the spring, you may already be making plans for your business—a spring cleaning list of sorts.

While you’re planning for the different tasks that need attention, here are four reasons why asphalt repairs—whether for a parking lot, roadway, or commercial driveway—deserve a spot on this year’s to-do list.

1. The winter weather has damaged your asphalt

Particularly if you know your asphalt surface had sustained damage prior to the winter, you can expect that damage to have become worse—either because vulnerable areas have contracted or because water has filled existing crevices and has frozen over.

Your asphalt may have also sustained significant damage from plows, shovels, and other equipment throughout the winter. Not to mention, chemicals from various de-icing products may have started eating away at your asphalt.

Once the snow has melted, the extent of this damage will likely be revealed. With visible damage to your asphalt, it’s important that you schedule an asphalt paving company for maintenance and repairs so that these issues don’t continue to compound.

2. It’s finally warm enough to perform maintenance and repairs

If you knew that you needed maintenance heading into the winter, you may have had to put it off for the time being—due to low temperatures or inclement weather.

Now that the ground is starting to warm up again, you finally have an opportunity to address the maintenance and repair work that your asphalt desperately needs.

Remember, plenty of other businesses are also in need of paving companies for their maintenance and repairs this spring. Get your asphalt contractor locked in early. The sooner, the better!

3. A safe, well-maintained asphalt surface means happier customers

While the winter may have been a down period for your business, you might be expecting more customers this spring—which typically means more pedestrians and traffic alike. Don’t risk your customers’ safety by neglecting large cracks and potholes.

What’s more, a well-maintained asphalt surface enhances curb appeal and will allow you to make a lasting impression on potential customers who may be driving past your business. Make sure it’s in top condition!

4. The summer is on its way

The reason why it’s recommended that you perform asphalt maintenance and repairs before the winter hits is the same reason why it’s recommended that you perform asphalt maintenance and repairs before the summer arrives—because extreme conditions take a greater toll on asphalt.

In the summer, high temperatures cause asphalt to expand. Weak areas form small cracks and small cracks grow into large cracks. Summer might also be a busy time for your business, so leaving asphalt repairs until then might result in costly downtime for your business.

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time than the spring to get all of your maintenance and repair work done!

Looking for a commercial asphalt paving contractor in Toronto to help you with maintenance, and repairs this spring? Contact the team at Empire Paving today—we’ll even provide you with a free estimate for your next project!

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