Puddles on Your Pavement: Why It’s an Issue

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While a small puddle might seem harmless, it could actually point to a bigger issue with your parking lot pavement.

This spring, as the snow starts to melt and rain begins to fall, you might begin to notice standing water on your asphalt pavement.

While this is something you might be tempted to dismiss or overlook, it’s important to note that puddles often point to an existing issue with your pavement—one that could have compounding repercussions over time.

Today, we’ll look at the causes of standing water, the problems that often come from it, and the solutions that help resolve the issue and prevent costly maintenance and asphalt repairs down the road.

The Causes

There are two main causes for standing water. The first is poor drainage. This can be due to improper installation from a paving contractor. However, poor drainage is an issue that can also develop with time, through clogs or shifts in asphalt.

The second cause is low spots. Because asphalt paving is relatively flexible, it may settle in certain spots. It’s these shallow dips in the asphalt that can cause puddles to form during rainfall.

The Problems

While issues like poor drainage and low spots might not seem like cause for alarm, they can have serious repercussions if left unaddressed.

The first problem is the weakening of your asphalt. Standing water erodes asphalt paving over time. As long as your surface continues to weaken, you can expect more parking lot repair and maintenance work in years to come. Not to mention, your asphalt’s lifespan is likely to be severely shortened as a result.

The second problem is safety. While there’s very little that is dangerous about a puddle of water, Toronto natives are no strangers to ice. Even in the spring, temperatures can drop and cause water to freeze over.

When your standing water turns to ice, you suddenly have a dangerous issue on your hands. Unless you plan on shutting your business down, a slippery parking lot is a hazard to customers and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The Solutions

Just as there are two common causes of standing water and two problems that could result when you neglect the issue, there are also two solutions!

The first solution is preventative maintenance. Even if you suspect that your parking lot pavement is in good condition, keep an eye out for standing water after a rainfall or snowstorm.

Be sure to remove debris from your surface regularly and scan your lot for potential sinking areas and potholes. This way, you’ll be able to address any issues as soon as they occur.

The second solution is asphalt repairs. Hiring an asphalt paving contractor for professional maintenance and asphalt repair work will ensure that your standing water issue gets resolved and that cracks, potholes, and sunken areas are fixed before they evolve into even larger repairs.

Do you notice standing water on your asphalt surface after rain falls or snow melts? As one of the top paving contractors in Toronto, we can help you address the issue and restore your asphalt to peak condition. Contact us today!

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