5 Signs That It’s Time to Restripe Your Parking Lot

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This spring, countless businesses will have parking lot line striping on their agendas.

Particularly after a harsh winter or storm, it’s common practice for businesses to restripe their parking lots. Just as asphalt doesn’t last forever, painted lines are destined fade over time.

Does your business’s parking lot also need to be restriped? Is it all that important?

The truth is that line striping is essential for organizing traffic, keeping your parking lot clean and tidy, and making a positive impression on potential customers.

Here are 5 clear signs that it’s time for you to restripe your parking lot:

1. Your parking lot’s lines have visibly faded

It should go without saying that faded lines suggest the need for restriping, and this is typically the easiest sign to spot.

Compare the condition of the paint to when you last restriped. If you sense that the average customer would struggle to identify all of the different lines in your parking lot, it’s probably a good time to restripe.

2. You’re in an area with a harsher climate

It’s true that certain businesses can get away with restriping every few years, depending on the climate of their location.

In Toronto, we’re no strangers to long winters that tend to wreak havoc on asphalt surfaces and peak summer months that yield high temperatures. For this reason, your business may need to restripe more often than the average business.

3. It’s been two years since you last restriped

For most businesses, newly painted lines fade considerably within 18 – 24 months. If it’s been a full two years since you last restriped your parking lot, you may be due once again.

Remember, the longer you wait, the more dangerous your lot will likely become for customers.

4. You’ve just sealcoated your parking lot

If a paving contractor has recently sealcoated your parking lot, you’ll also need to restripe as soon as possible.

While sealcoating is a useful maintenance practice that provides a new layer of protection against the elements—such as UV rays, water, oils, and other chemicals—it also covers up the lines throughout your parking lot. You will need to restripe before your lot is safe for customers and vehicles to use again.

5. You’re not in compliance with local code

If you know that your parking lot’s lines are not in compliance with your area’s local code, you’ll need to restripe before allowing customers to use your lot.

Even if your parking lot was in compliance when you last checked, keep in mind that local codes change over time. It might be that your current line striping is no longer in compliance.

Be sure to revisit your local code periodically to determine whether any changes require you to restripe.

Are you in need of line striping services from a trusted asphalt paving company in Toronto? Empire Paving is here for all of your parking lot paving needs. We’d be more than glad to help you restore your asphalt to peak condition! Call us today.

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