6 Enemies of Asphalt Pavement (and How to Prevent Them)

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Looking to keep your asphalt pavement in the best possible condition?

In order to properly maintain your asphalt and get the highest return on your investment, there are several common pavement enemies you should know about.

Simply being aware of these issues and knowing how to act when you spot them will help you keep your asphalt in prime condition!

UV Rays

While asphalt is designed to withstand high temperatures, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, specifically, can do some damage—slowly eating away at the top layer of your pavement.

The only way to prevent this from happening is through sealcoating—a thin layer of asphalt that is applied to your pavement. This becomes the first line of defense against not only UV rays but also a handful of other enemies.

Most asphalt paving contractors recommend ordering sealcoating every 2-3 years, depending on your location, the traffic your surface sees, and other factors.

Standing Water

Typically, asphalt pavement is installed with drainage systems that allow runoff to occur after rainfall. When the asphalt is installed poorly or when the surface is not properly maintained, however, you may notice standing water.

Beyond creating a safety hazard, standing water can cause severe pavement issues. As the water enters small cracks in your asphalt, it can refreeze and thaw repeatedly—causing your pavement to expand and contract until it weakens and begins to fracture.

The best way to combat standing water is to invest in porous asphalt. Otherwise, contact your local asphalt paving company when you notice standing water. They will be able to inspect your pavement, diagnose the issue, and identify the best solution for your asphalt.

Motor Oil

The chemicals in motor oil have the potential to eat right through your layer of sealcoat and penetrate the surface of your pavement—eventually causing aggregate to come loose.

To prevent oil from destroying your asphalt, make a habit of inspecting and washing your pavement regularly. If oil stains have already caused pavement damage, promptly call up your local Toronto paving company to schedule repairs.


Not all debris is a threat to your pavement, but a significant buildup has the potential to stain your pavement or clog your storm drains. What’s more, it doesn’t reflect well on your business!

Rather than allowing debris to build up and lead to other issues, make a habit of sweeping your surface regularly.

Heavy Vehicles

Asphalt is an incredibly durable paving material, but load requirements may vary from one surface to the next.

It’s important that your asphalt contractor engineers your pavement to withstand the heavy loads of trucks, equipment, and machinery—depending on your business and the type of traffic you need to accommodate.

Tree Roots

While asphalt is strong, trees are often stronger. In pursuit of water, tree roots may extend dozens of feet. If your asphalt contractor paved over a root system, this spells bad news for your pavement. Over time, it may buckle and break.

Once this occurs, there is very little you can do other than remove and replace your asphalt.

When searching for a Toronto paving company to install your new pavement, find one that has experience in preserving natural landscapes!

Need help fighting these common pavement enemies? Contact Empire Paving today. Our trusted asphalt paving solutions will help you maximize your pavement’s life!

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