7 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Business’s Curb Appeal

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Your commercial curb appeal is one of the biggest keys to attracting new customers.

A disheveled building and run-down parking lot could cause your customers to choose your competitors down the road. Meanwhile, an attractive building and well-maintained parking lot could do wonders for your business.

Here are seven ways to improve your property’s curb appeal immediately and make the best possible impression on customers!

1. Maintain and Repair Your Building’s Exterior

When neglected, your building may begin to show signs of exterior wear and tear—such as chipped paint, dirty windows, or missing shingles.

Repainting, power washing, and performing the occasional repair indicate a sense of professionalism and responsibility to your customers.

2. Invest in Routine Landscaping Services

While beautiful trees, lush gardens, and green lawns can be an asset to your business, maintenance is key. Overgrown grass can make your property appear neglected, and it can also lead to pavement issues.

Consider hiring a landscaping contractor who will tend your trees, shrubbery, and lawns frequently.

3. Make a Habit of Cleaning Your Pavement Regularly

Dirt, debris, liquids, and trash can make their way onto your pavement in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, these agents will eat away at your pavement and cause premature damage.

Combat these issues by sweeping and washing your pavement regularly. This isn’t even something that requires the expertise of an asphalt paving company in Toronto. Simply have one of your employees inspect and tidy your surface each week.

4. Ensure That All of Your Pavement Markings Are Clear

Pavement markings fade over time and must be repainted. Without them, it becomes difficult to organize traffic and even creates a safety hazard. What’s more, it reflects poorly on your business.

Contact a reputable Toronto asphalt paving company, such as Empire Paving, to paint brand new, visible lines that keep your traffic in order!

5. Sealcoat Your Surface Every 2–3 Years

Sealcoating is an essential routine maintenance practice that allows you to preserve and extend the life of your pavement. This protective coating shields your asphalt from harmful UV rays, chemicals, oils, dirt, and debris.

Most paving companies recommend sealcoating your pavement every few years, so call up your local paving contractor if you’re past due!

6. Order Asphalt Repairs for Cracks and Potholes

Beyond detracting from your pavement’s appearance, cracks, potholes, and other types of pavement damage can be dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

Avoid potential accidents and subsequent lawsuits by calling your local pavement contractor to schedule asphalt repairs. They will restore your asphalt to like-new condition!

7. Upgrade Your Property’s Outdated or Worn Signage

Much like your pavement and pavement markings, your business’s signage may fade over time. What’s more, it may appear old or include outdated information—such as your business hours or company slogan.

Avoid any potential confusion and make sure your signage is on-brand by replacing it every few years.

Contact Empire Paving today for all of your commercial asphalt paving needs. We will help your Toronto business boost its curb appeal in no time so that you can attract more customers!

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