How to Choose a Good Commercial Concrete Contractor

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You know what you want your next project to look like, but do you have someone who can bring it to life?

When planning for your next project, you won’t get very far before needing to address one of the most critical details—the concrete contractor you’re going to hire.

How do you choose a commercial concrete contractor? What are the criteria you should use for hiring? How can you be confident that they will deliver?

Here are five factors to strongly consider before making the big decision:

1. Consider Your Type of Project 

Concrete is used for all types of projects, from buildings to bridges to dams, and of course, surfaces such as parking lots, sidewalks, dolly pads, and more.

To avoid wasting time, you want to make sure you’re engaging contractors who frequently work with parking lots and sidewalks. It’s the everyday experience with these types of projects, their processes, and their challenges, that will go a long way to making your concrete paving project a success!

2. Make Sure They Are Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

A commercial concrete contractor who either isn’t licensed in your area or doesn’t have the necessary protections in place should raise an immediate red flag in your mind.
This not only signals a lack of professionalism but also a lack of concern for both their own business and the customers they serve.

3. Check Their References

Any concrete contractor can talk the talk, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee a successful project. Instead, you’ll want to turn to past customers for a more transparent assessment of the business.

Start by asking the contractor for references. Typically, they will be happy to provide this and should offer names and phone numbers. Next, visit the contractor’s website for testimonials. Keep in mind, however, that both references and testimonials typically lean positive.

So, finally, scour online review sites and social media pages, whether it’s Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Facebook, or elsewhere. Here, you’ll be able to develop a more well-rounded assessment of the contractor and their reputation.

4. Read Their Contract and Warranty

While you probably won’t be able to get your hands on your specific contract and warranty until you reach an agreement with your contractor, most contractors have a standard contract and warranty that you’re able to review in advance.
Read the fine print carefully and make sure you’re satisfied with the terms and conditions that are being proposed before moving forward with the concrete contractor.

5. Be 100% Sure Before Making a Decision

If there are any red flags surrounding your potential concrete contractor, or if you find that you would need to lower your standards or expectations for the project in order to hire them, it’s wise to continue your search.

As your new parking lot, sidewalk, or other concrete surface is a significant investment, this isn’t the kind of decision to want to rush. Make sure you have full faith in your commercial concrete contractor before signing the dotted line!

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