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How to Know You’re Getting What You’ve Paid For

paving contractor

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your contractor.

Whether you’re paying for asphalt, concrete, or another product, a newly paved surface
is a large project and requires a significant investment.

While larger businesses may not need to track every last dollar, smaller businesses may
have serious budget constraints. In either case, it’s imperative that you know what to
expect from a paving contractor before you hire them.

Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind so that you can determine whether or not
you’re getting what you’ve paid for:

Don’t hire a contractor based on price alone

The saying, “you get what you pay for” often rings true, and commercial paving is no

Be sure to weigh price against what the contractor is actually going to provide. A
contractor who charges higher-than-average prices but provides an outstanding service
will typically offer more value than the contractor who charges a low fee but only
provides the bare minimum—or worst yet, cuts corners in order to make their own costs
balance out.

Properly vet your contractor upfront

Part of getting what you’re paying for in a paving contractor is knowing that they have
the necessary expertise, experience, track record, and certifications to perform the work
to standard.

You don’t want to be vetting a contractor after you’ve already signed the dotted line or
while your contractor is already at work on site. Before signing any contract, make sure
that you perform a proper review of your potential contractor, understand what the
contractor is responsible for providing, and know what you’re responsible for paying.

The implications of blindly trusting any contractor because you’re in a time crunch could
be disastrous for not only your project but also your business operations.

Review the proposed downtime

Downtime is one of the most overlooked areas when negotiating terms with a paving
contractor, yet it is the area that could have the largest financial impact on your
business. Unfortunately, many contractors put their own schedules before their customers’ schedules, and this often has a negative impact on the business’s bottom

Your contractor should be able to accommodate your business’s schedule and make
sure that any downtime is limited. Sometimes this involves working on site after business
hours or during slow periods of the workday. Make sure you understand the paving
schedule being proposed, agree with it, and have it in writing before signing a contract
for the work.

Monitor quality expectations and deliverables

Your contract or agreement should include the expectations for the quality of the work,
as well as all of the line items and deliverables that your contractor is pledging to

Knowing these details is half the battle. With a clear understanding of what to expect
from your contractor, you can easily follow up whenever items (such as daily reports and
logs) or coordination efforts fall through the cracks.

Need a commercial paving contractor who can provide quality services, follow
through on all deliverables, and keep your business operational while working on

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