4 Ways That We Emphasize Safety on Paving Jobs

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Not all asphalt and concrete paving companies place appropriate emphasis on health and safety.

At Empire Paving, however, we take the health, safety, and wellbeing of all parties very seriously. It’s for this reason that we prioritize safety in a handful of ways.

Whether you want to know what you should expect from an asphalt paving contractor or you’re interested in learning more about our health and safety standards, keep reading for four important ways in which we emphasize health and safety around here!

1. We Hold to Rigorous Health and Safety Standards

For roughly four decades, we have serviced a wide range of jobs—from large commercial asphalt paving projects to municipal projects and everything in between. Our experience and familiarity with various health and safety demands allow us to meet them with greater ease today.

In addition to meeting job-specific standards and specifications, we have our own set of job health and safety standards for all projects. By holding to these standards, keeping the job site clean, and always practicing proper awareness, we are able to help ensure the wellbeing of all parties.

2. We Own a Full Fleet of Insured and Maintained Equipment

The truth is that many paving contractors rent their equipment from suppliers and other contractors on an as-needed basis. Shortages and scheduling issues aside, this can lead to confusion when it comes to things like insurance and maintenance.

Because we have our very own fleet of equipment and machinery, on the other hand, we are able to make sure that all of our equipment is properly insured and maintained. At any time, we can review a piece’s maintenance history and make any necessary repairs to keep it in top condition.

3. We Are Serious About Protecting Our Track Record

The glowing track record that we have worked hard for more than 35 years to build and maintain is not something we are willing to jeopardize by being careless or cutting corners.

In order to uphold our positive reputation in the community, it’s in our best interest to work safely and responsibly on every asphalt paving project we take on. As a customer, you benefit from us taking this extra degree of care!

4. We Offer a Full One-Year Warranty on All Products and

When health and safety are not prioritized, issues often arise down the road. Because we are confident in both the quality and the safety of our asphalt paving products and services, we offer an industry-standard one-year warranty on all projects.

In the rare event that something were to arise after your surface has been paved, rest assured that your investment would be protected and that we would make any corrections needed.

Do you want to ensure that your next project is paved properly and safely? Be sure to contact the team at Empire Paving today for all of your commercial asphalt paving needs. We would be happy to give you a free estimate for the work!

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