Why Empire Paving Is the Best Fit for Your Next Commercial Paving Job

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Are you in need of an outstanding commercial paving company in Toronto?

The stakes are often higher on commercial projects than on most residential projects. You may be bound to a strict project schedule, or your business might only be able to afford a certain amount of downtime while your new asphalt is being installed.

With seemingly so many different options to choose from, why should you choose Empire Paving over any other commercial paving company? What is it that separates us from the rest of the competition?

Here are four reasons why we are the best fit for your upcoming commercial paving job!

1. We have over 45 years of experience in the commercial asphalt paving space

During your search, you may have trouble finding a company in your area that specializes in commercial paving, specifically. The reality is that many paving companies focus on residential or industrial work.

Empire Pacing is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) most reputable commercial asphalt paving companies. In fact, we have been delivering commercial asphalt paving services to businesses in the community since 1976!

We have experience with the following types of projects:

Although every commercial paving project is different, our experience with a wide range of commercial paving jobs will prove to be invaluable to your project.

2. We have the manpower and resources to service all types of commercial paving projects

Whether you’re building a new property or you need commercial paving services for your existing business, the consequences of hiring an under-resourced paving company can be disastrous—resulting in project setbacks or costly downtime.

At Empire Paving, we make sure that we always have plenty of manpower to service our projects. We also own a full fleet of in-house equipment. This means that we are able to visit all commercial job sites and ensure that paving projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

When you choose to work with Empire Paving, your commercial asphalt surface is delivered on time and you are able to avoid any setbacks.

3. We know this community inside and out

Our four decades of Toronto commercial paving experience means that we are familiar with not only various types of projects but also all of the cities, towns, and suburbs within the GTA.

From downtown Toronto to Burlington to Oshawa and beyond, we have provided commercial paving in just about every corner of the GTA.

4. We have an exceptional track record

When hiring a commercial paving company, reputation matters. We are fortunate to have overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings across all review websites and social media pages.
What’s more, we have several glowing testimonials from happy customers posted on our website!

Do you need the expertise and experience of a trusted commercial asphalt paving company? At Empire Paving, we have well over four decades years of experience in commercial paving in Toronto. Contact us today and we will even provide you with a free estimate for your next commercial paving project!

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