Why Summer Is the Best Season for Asphalt Paving

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Now that it’s officially summer, there is no better time for you to schedule your asphalt paving, maintenance, and repairs. 

While you’re enjoying the warm weather, planning your next neighbourhood barbeque, and attending all sorts of exciting summer events, don’t forget to tend to your asphalt!

Your Toronto business could benefit from scheduling all of your asphalt needs over the next few months, as opposed to leaving them for later this year or even early next year. What sets summer apart from the winter, fall, and even the spring months, exactly?

Whether you’re looking to expand your business’s parking lot or schedule asphalt repairs, here are a few of the biggest reasons why summer is the best time for asphalt paving.

1. More hours of daylight

When summer arrives, the days get longer. The sun rises much sooner and it sets much later.

While a day in the middle of December might leave your asphalt paving contractor with as little as 8 hours of daylight to perform the work, a day in the middle of June might give them as much as 15 hours!

These longer days may prove to be especially helpful, particularly if you need a job completed quickly or if you need an asphalt contractor to work around your typical business hours. What’s more, your contractor will no longer need to rush to complete the job before the sun sets! 

2. Fewer interruptions to the work

Toronto’s winter and spring seasons are notorious for low temperatures, ice, and snowstorms. The summer months, on the other hand, don’t bring nearly as much inclement weather.

Thanks to the summer’s generally clearer skies, there are fewer interruptions to any asphalt paving work that is being performed. This allows asphalt companies to maintain schedules and work full days, getting your surface paved faster than you might expect during the winter or spring!

3. More time for your asphalt to set

On one hand, a longer setting time might seem like an issue. After all, this means more downtime for your parking lot, driveway, or roadway.

On the other hand, a longer setting time also allows paving companies to perfect the asphalt surface before it fully hardens. In the summer months, contractors have more than enough time to flatten the asphalt, smooth it out, and ensure that it is completely level.

In the winter, setting times are much shorter, which means that paving contractors are required to work faster. This can sometimes result in poor or rushed work.

4. Faster sealcoat drying times

While new asphalt takes longer to set during the summer months, these high temperatures actually allow sealcoating—an additional protective layer that is often poured on top of existing asphalt—to dry faster.

Naturally, asphalt soaks in the warmth of the sun and retains it. This allows the asphalt to better absorb the new sealant.

Looking for Toronto asphalt paving, repairs, or maintenance? Take advantage of the summer weather by contacting Empire Paving today and scheduling all of your asphalt needs!

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